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"Every year the CSI Explorers in Northern California experience challenges with fundraising to purchase uniforms and materials to provide youth with a valuable learning experience. For the past two years we have had nothing but positive experiences and successes with the "Coins For Our Cause" cards. We raise enough money to supply each youth with a uniform and have enough left over for field trips. I highly recommend utilizing the cards as they are a viable solution to fundraising."  John Taylor, Ed.D (c), CSI Explorers (Post 510)
"Last year was our first time to do this kind of fundraiser. The kids said that no one turned them down when asked if they would help us with the fundraiser, and said that some people scratched more than one star. I had people approach me and tell me they would rather do a scratch off than have to order something. For us, the troop, it is easier than having to go and get orders and then have to go and deliver. We have decided that this is something we will do every year. Thank you." -Troop 628 (Boy Scouts)
"The Brooklyn "Steppers" Marching Band is currently ranked the #1 Showstyle Marching Band in the Country. The band travels to over 75 venues each year and is New York City's most sought after marching band. Travel expenses are very costly and the "Steppers" have found that scratch cards are the most effective way for members to help offset those costs.  To date, the "Steppers" have raised over $40,000 with scratch cards. We have traveled from NY to California, Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia and many other states. The "Steppers" have made appearances on the Montel Williams Show, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We plan on using scratch cards for many years to come, thank you Promo Printing for supplying the most inexpensive and still effective scratch card on the market." - Tyrone Brown, Band Director
"Everything worked out according to plan and I received the cards already, you all are awesome. I am already impressed with the pricing and service, THIS IS OUR SECOND YEAR DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU ALL, I will be sold for life and will be doing free advertising for you. Thanks for your time and our team appreciates you all." -Kerm, Head Coach, Tar Heels Baseball Club
"We love the fundraiser! The kids said it was the easiest one they have ever done. So far we have raised over $500 for our 4-H club and we have only had the cards for 2 weeks! We use the money we make to pay the kids dues, buy their books, decorate the fair booth, and decorate our parade float. We plan on continuing this fundraiser every year!" -Laura Leis, Co-Advisor of the Kossuth Gleaners 4-H Club
"The Scratch and Give fundraiser is going wonderfully! In our first week, we brought in over 650.00 dollars! It was so easy for our girls to do and the parents were happy that they didn't have to sell anything! This is the best and easiest fundraiser we have ever done. We are only two weeks in and have already made close to 1000.00 dollars! Thank you!" -Alyssa Rose, Hickman County Middle School Lady Dawgs
"Thank You so much. This is the second time we have ordered from you and I must say I am very pleased with the way you do business; both on the phone as well as by e-mail. We deal with Kristie for the initial set up/order and it was a pleasurable experience. She was very helpful and prompt. Everything is handled very professionally and it is refreshing and we appreciate it." -Mrs. D. McDowell, The Church Of God Of East New York
"I have used your service for the past 3 years and really enjoy your products.  My class has been able to meet their fundraising goals quickly and easily using your scratch cards.  I enjoy this fundraiser more than any other because it brings instant cash (with other programs sometimes you have to wait for a percentage check) and there's nothing to deliver.  You will have my "account" for years to come!" -Crystal Lester, Margaret White School
"I am a co-director of a church club for kids ages 5 through 9.  This is our second year to order the fundraiser scratch cards from your company.  We think they are great!  They are of good quality, priced right & takes virtually no planning to obtain wonderful results.  Last year being the first year, only 7 out of 20 kids participated and we still raised over $500.00!  This year we plan to more than double our earnings.  To inspire all the kids to participate we will be displaying their progress at each club meeting.  Funds provide our club with supplies, uniform patches and the ability to go on outings that would not be possible any other way. Thank you for your friendly & efficient service." -Connie Burghart, Bremerton Adventurer Club; Bremerton, Washington

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