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Cheap fundraising ideas are hard to come by, especially for small schools, classrooms, clubs or extracurricular groups. Many charity fundraisers end up costing almost as much in overhead as they actually bring in profit, and that’s just not effective in the end.

School costs add up to more than uniforms and supplies; there are trips, events, and maybe even necessary repairs or technology upgrades—and that’s not even considering the craziness of senior year and graduation!

The solution is Scratch and Give, the best and only fundraiser that promises up to 1900% profit margins! Donors scratch off a few of 50 areas per card, each worth between $.50 and $3.00, giving the total exposed amounts. Each card totals up to $100.00 in-hand cash, and at 5 bucks a pop that means you get back 19X what you put in—with ZERO inventory or sales lists to keep track of! To do a little math, if you ordered 40 cards at $200, that means you get a PROFIT of $3,800!

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